Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • wIeRdLiFe
    11-04 02:03 PM

    thanks for quick reply. What will decide which center it goes to? What are other centers and dates?


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  • Saralayar
    01-23 07:48 PM
    Dates are valid as of November 30, 2008. Texas is processing July 11, 2007 applications. Looks good. It means CIS finally has time to work on the deluge of applications they received in July 2007, even though the dates are not current yet. The approvals may still be far off, but at least we know that our apps are being worked upon.
    They will keep the dates between July 11 to July 30 for a few months. During this period, they have not recieved much applications as most of the companies just kept the papers as USCIS announced that they will not accept the forms and reject. Most of the July fiasco applications must have been filed from August 3. If they are really working, then the dates should move to August 2007 in next month processing time.

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  • akred
    05-04 09:46 PM
    Is there any way H1B can qualify as a EB1C?

    Sure. You need to work outside the US for the sponsoring company in a managerial capacity for 1 out of the 3 years prior to filing the I140. So if you are on a H1B and are a manager, you can sign up for an assignment abroad to fulfill that requirement.

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  • meragreencard
    10-29 08:07 AM
    Thank you so much for your replies... my attorney updated me saying that its not an issue as Bhatt mentioned that I am in AOS too...


    I doubt it is an issue. you should be fine. U are in AOS too!


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  • indigo10
    04-12 03:45 PM
    I am looking for somebody who has an approved I140 in Eb2 category around Los Angeles area. I might be able to help. Los Angeles area only.
    Thank you.

    Do you have some green cards that you want to issue ?

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  • sh1974
    05-04 11:37 AM
    Hi All,
    I recently noticed the Audited Dates for PERM moved up nearly by 9 months to Dec 2009.
    My labor filed in June 2009 has been in audit.
    My employer is telling that that still my case is in process.
    Has any body filed in 2009 and been in Audit got it approved recently?

    Those of you who have audited PERMS should check with the employers as the employers may not be checking the status regularly. Please do post if you have any updates.


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  • dxldad
    05-18 11:48 AM
    My friend lost her green card while she was on vacation in China. She got a temporary green card to travel in a week or so which facilitated her entry into US and once she reached here, she just applied for another green card claiming the initial one as lost. There were no issues except the travel delay and the monetary loss.

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  • India_USA
    12-16 09:10 AM
    ask your question in the conference call tonight with the attorney - link is available in the homepage


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  • wandmaker
    12-18 10:25 PM
    Whether apply for H1B renewal or apply for EAD or apply for both as a safer side ?

    Renew your H1B and EAD - Use EAD when you a really need it.

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  • bigboy007
    06-22 12:47 AM
    any comments pl


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  • r_vas200
    09-05 11:57 AM
    fantastic attitude. that is very encouraging. one more reason to not attend the rally - attitude of desis

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  • PlainSpeak
    02-28 10:05 AM
    We don't want to waste our golden years of life waiting for law to change, so we can get EAD or GC to start business here in USA.

    I have very good business idea where there is huge potential to make it big. My 6th year H1 expires in Feb 2011. PERM recruitment is going on, but my heart is leaning towards starting the business.

    So, we decided to take Entrepreneur Federal Immigration to Canada. We are not yet ready to move to India. My case certainly needs consultation (most likely processing) from Immigration Attorney for Canada.

    I was looking at Canadavisa.com, but looking for more options. Can anyone recommend other attorneys?

    My business idea doesn't require $500,000 investment to target investor visa in USA.

    I was thinking NZ Long Term Business Visa, but first I would like to explore Canada and then consider NZ.

    So have you decided Canada or NZ?
    What about any countries in Europe. Are they any good ?


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  • tillu
    04-02 01:50 PM
    Hi There,

    If My Project with company "A" is over and they are sending me back to india, but before going back i file transfer with company "B", once "B" gets the approval i can come back.

    Can it be done this way?? i mean after transfer is filed can anyone go back to india or He/she has to be in US during this period??

    Thanks in advance

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    12-15 02:47 PM
    If she is currently on F-1 and if she wants to maintain F-1 when she comes back she will need to go to the embassy and get her F-1 visa. If she enters U.S on old unexpired H4-Visa her F-1 visa becomes invalidated and she won't qualify for OPT/CPT etc.


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  • a2k2
    06-15 03:43 PM
    Yes I did send a copy of I-485. I also sent a copy of her previous approved AP.

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  • ronhira
    04-27 11:41 PM
    Dude, its about Illegal Immigration,......nothing to do with legal immigration or any laws pertaining to backlogs etc !!

    u fool..... anti immigrants do not care for legal or illegal immigrants..... for them we r all the same..... either u r a new kid on the block with no freaking clue @ the issue or u'r playing plain dumb..... either way..... numbersusa don't give a damn @ u'r kind....


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  • dilbert_cal
    05-02 08:17 PM
    Sorry cant help you on the documentation piece.

    But since your I-140 is filed, you should upgrade it to PREMIUM and try to get it approved asap.

    Worst case scenario - if company B is not considered successor in interest to company A, you can still use the approved I-140 to carry over your PD.

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  • sprash
    05-04 08:34 PM
    *bump* ... anybody?

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  • babu123
    03-31 05:10 PM
    Dear Friends,

    I am a derived applicant in my green card process and recently I converted to EAD status from H1B.
    My sister is US citizen. I would like to know if I am eligible to file another set of green card application thru family based option that is available. I know its a long queue.
    I want to know if I am eligible for this process.
    If I am eligible to file, am I eligible to file EAD thru that application as well.


    Dalai Lama
    02-09 01:20 PM
    Please reply

    09-15 09:24 PM

    I found some new information and it seems that few people who are still waiting may get some clue if not complete idea. Basically I found that when your PD is current the the IO will initiate the FP, Namecheck, IBIS check again when your AOS is in "Final Approval, Visa Available" state. Some IOs would just refresh the FP they have on file and some request another . But namecheck is something that you have to go through again. So if you get stuck in namecheck again, then that could be the reason for the delay since NC takes forever.

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