Sunday, May 29, 2011

happy birthday pics for guys

happy birthday pics for guys. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 5/6/99
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 5/6/99

  • NYC Russ
    Apr 12, 01:17 PM
    Manufacturing requires a lot of labor too.Sorry to burst your bubble again, but not all manufacturing requires a lot of labor. Painting all manufacturing processes with a broad brush is disingenuous. I've seen my share of robotic assembly lines, and as far as I'm aware, robots are not labor.

    happy birthday pics for guys. Happy Birthday Dear Iris!
  • Happy Birthday Dear Iris!

  • Otaviano
    Nov 13, 03:13 AM
    The hardcore Apple fans boys are coming out of the woods today. Criticizing the developer, Facebook, everything but Apple's ridiculous App Store policies.

    I just want to know why an established global business like Facebook, can't get permission to push through bug fixes without waiting two weeks for approval? It's freaking ridiculous, and there is an apparent pattern where an app is approved without problems and updates are delayed for weeks on end.

    I've been put out by Apple's stupid approval policy on two apps I paid for. Waiting weeks at a time for crucial bug fixes to get pushed into the app store. Knowing the developer has fixed the issue but I'm stuck with an app I paid for that doesn't work properly.

    I love Apple's products but they need to put in some work to make the App Store approval process better. Either more training and reviewers, or create some programs where established companies with a proven track record can get updates out there quickly.

    happy birthday pics for guys. Happy Birthday *old guys*. With love for two special people whose irthday it is today, Denis and Chester, 60 and 90!!!! ----
  • Happy Birthday *old guys*. With love for two special people whose irthday it is today, Denis and Chester, 60 and 90!!!! ----

  • vikingdave
    Mar 28, 02:51 PM
    Your point would be valid IF SHE HAD A FAMILY TO HAUL AROUND ANYMORE.

    Both her children have their own vehicles and they no longer take long family vacations in the car anymore.

    The wasting of a finite resource and pollution put out by a vehicle that large to drive 3 miles to and from the grocery store has no justification.

    And yes, I do feel good about myself. I drive a vehicle that gets 95+ mpg.
    This is America, and that person DOES NOT NEED TO JUSTIFY HERSELF TO YOU! If that V10 Excursion ever gets in an accident with your "95+ MPG" car, it will illustrate one very good reason to drive an Excursion, and you will not survive. Even with a five star crash rating, these newer lighter cars are death traps when fitted against large SUVs, these crash ratings do not take into account the advantage created by additional weight. Also, if your considering CO2 as "pollution", are you aware of the fact that only 0.28% of all greenhouse gasses are from human activity ? Not 28%, but 0.28%, the rest is mainly water vapor. With all of the resources that the world is throwing at reducing CO2 emissions we could actually do something useful instead like end world hunger. What we are doing to reduce CO2 is kind of like pissing into the ocean to warm it up, maybe it makes you better but it will not work. Enjoy that "95MPG" golf cart you drive.

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  • ricardobeat
    Apr 12, 04:52 PM
    It's evil because it suggests that both Foxcomm and the titans of Silicon Valley have found another exploitable source of cheap, desperately poor labor 'just in case' something happens in China--say a major earthquake like that in Japan or moves to throw out China's aging dictatorship much like that now taking place in the Middle East. Standing by itself, you might call this move shrewd but evil.

    It might suggest that to some ignorant persons out there, but Brazil has one of the world's most expensive workforces. Employers pay anywhere between 80% to 120% over salaries in taxes.

    ]But it's also stupid because it rewards Brazil for its aggressive mercantilist policies. Other countries, particularly in Latin America, are likely to take note and follow. In fact, they'll be foolish if they don't.

    It's been said already, but US has much worse protectionist policies. And other countries in America have had similar policies for decades - Uruguay for example has recently received a few chinese factories in exchange for lower taxes. This only benefits the two parties: the local government/communities that get a boost in jobs and income, and the company that gets to save money. It's definitely not the same as policies that favor raw material exports or put other countries' exports in jeopardy.

    happy birthday pics for guys. Omg Happy Birthday !
  • Omg Happy Birthday !

  • Anonymous Freak
    Aug 4, 02:20 PM
    These are some poor quality pictures captured by my camera on my Razor...

    Your electric scooter has a built-in camera?!?! :D

    happy birthday pics for guys. happy birthday
  • happy birthday

  • Chip NoVaMac
    Apr 1, 11:58 PM
    The current camera on the iPhone 4 is stellar IMO and many others... an equal 8MP camera would be even better....

    happy birthday pics for guys. happy birthday pics for guys.
  • happy birthday pics for guys.

  • Les Kern
    Jun 28, 07:32 AM
    I'm just going to throw this very quick (and shoddy) rendering I made into the mix, portraying a possible "tabletop" iMac.

    Well that's interesting, and not a bad picture... but what of the practical uses of a Mac like that? POS? Maybe. Doctor's or other vertical marketing office? Possibly. Probably my "vision" thing not working.
    It's either Apple has some new concept it will share later, or this greasy screen rumor is wrong. I will go with the concept, but reluctantly.

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  • advance happy birthday.

  • baloo1986
    Mar 22, 10:07 AM
    Site says 24 Hours, mistake? Maybe backlash from the Japan disaster.

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  • skunk
    Apr 27, 04:53 PM
    They are, and we have relatively little gun crime.

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  • minnesotamacman
    Oct 15, 09:46 PM
    Lost in all this is the fact that the iPod is 5 on the 23rd...

    Anyone else here even curious if there is a new iPod going to be released on the 5th birthday? I have read through 3 pages of posts and not found anyone offering this thought.

    So I will throw it in. :)

    New iPod Video (true video widescreen) on the 23rd!

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Aug 29, 11:00 AM
    I would pay 250. For somethings, Windows is the only viable OS. Like the commercial says, Macs are good for fun stuff, but PCs are for working.

    What are the other viable alternatives? OSX and ????????
    LINUX? Besides I use my Mac for my reasearch since I cant afford having M$ screwing me one more time. If you need 100% stability and security (as some professionals do) you go with with the safest system out there... and that my friend is NOT Win XP.

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    Mar 29, 08:21 AM
    Just picked up my ipad 2 @ Radio Shack in NYC! They appear to be bundling in the AppleCare. Cant buy without it. so were there long lines at radio shack ? how much is the apple care pk

    happy birthday pics for guys. I#39;ll have to share more details later, but I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the handsome fellas in my life! :) Love you guys.
  • I#39;ll have to share more details later, but I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the handsome fellas in my life! :) Love you guys.

  • AP_piano295
    Mar 29, 03:33 PM
    So by that logic. You agree with the enforcement of a No Fly zone in Libya.

    Yes I do. Just as I wouldn't stand idle if an individual near me were being mugged/robbed/attacked/raped, I do not feel my country should stand idle if innocent lives are at risk and it is in our power to save them.

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  • ssteve
    Aug 24, 06:54 PM
    That's seriously not cool. For one, you're basically stealing someone else's replacement battery, since when they put in their number that happens to have a C instead of your B it's going to say they already sent the battery out. And second, when it comes time to return your defective battery don't you think they're going to notice it's entirely the wrong type?

    Bad plan.

    Andrew Beard

    Below is my original post to the first person who decided to change his serial number to get a free battery:


    Originally Posted by cogsinister
    My battery serial number was in the 3K437 range, but the website accepted my computers serial number, but not the battery...

    So i changed the last letter of my battery serial number from an A to a C (B diden't work)

    And it went thru.....

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  • ZbHRP
    Apr 2, 09:03 PM
    Those are CCD sensors not CMOS image sensors.

    Exmor sensors are CMOS. I think Sony stopped making CCD or atleast not popular of making CCD sensors.

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    Nov 12, 10:51 AM
    Soon the internet will start "locking down," then what will he do?

    How will the internet start "locking down"?

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  • BJMRamage
    May 5, 07:50 AM
    perhaps the negotiating is FREE 3G downloads. if it is coming from Apple, as an iOS update there is no charge (for downloaded data).

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  • Peace
    Jan 11, 05:15 PM
    If you look at the picture of the iPhone poster, it seems to have a couple of subtle differences compared to my iPhone:

    Maybe I'm just suffering from pre macworld hallucinations, but that certainly looks different to my iPhone...

    Subtle ?? That's not the current iPhone interface when in a call.

    It's blaring right at you.look at that iPhone.It shows the blue area at the top.Go make a call and see how it looks.

    This is a new iPhone or creative license.

    happy birthday pics for guys. Happy Birthday, guys!
  • Happy Birthday, guys!

  • Manic Mouse
    Sep 6, 09:10 AM
    So, does anyone want to buy this option with their mac and I'll pay the $60 for both of them. Ok... $70 for your time and shipping. ;)

    Well, lets see where would they put it? Between Mac Mini and iMac.... you know in that $200 difference. Or maybe between iMac and Pro Mac.... in that what $300 difference. It seems like the Mac Mini bump and iMac expansion have left no room in the line-up for another Mac. Even with conroes... all speeds, sizes, prices are covered. There isn't room for a Conroe Mac. Period.

    Rubbish. There is a Jupiter sized gap in Apples product "matrix". They have no desktop for frig sake!

    Mar 25, 01:10 PM
    Yes, for the correct address write to:

    Battery Life
    666 Apple Drive
    Cupertino CA 90210

    BTW: 4.3.1 turned my 3GS white

    Odd that it isn't also at 1 infinite loop. Hmmm, maybe this is their 'area 51' of sorts. I feel a conspiracy coming on.

    Nov 7, 03:32 AM
    Oh come on. How often do we actually have to access our optical drives? While you may do so often, many of us almost never do and would be happy to attach an external drive every now and then or even access the disc we need over the network.

    The optical drive in my laptop broke a few months ago. I haven't missed it much. The one time I did need it, I hooked up my external drive, so it is necessary to have one.

    Apr 26, 06:29 PM
    from something inherent in black "culture"

    What is wrong with suggesting that there might be something inherently wrong with black culture. It would be racist to suggest there is something inherently wrong with black GENES, but culture is something which can and sometimes should change.

    Parts of black culture which have proven to have negative effects in the United States is the glorification of begetting women with children regardless of marital status.

    Dialects within African American communities in the United States have also had a negative effect on the black community. Its very hard for someone to find a job if they choose not to speak passable English.

    These are issues/trends that leaders in the African American community need to think seriously about attempting to curb because they are and will continue to cause major problems.

    Mar 25, 01:36 PM
    oddly enough my ipad 2 w/vzw 3G has stuck on 100% charge for 10 minutes, normally it is clicking away immediately after I unplug the power.

    Sep 12, 04:56 PM
    So how do you work this Album Artist tag?

    What I would expect is to put the artists (separated by comas or something) in that tag, and then that song will show up under all those listed artists.

    The way it is now doesn't make any difference in organization/categorization of the archive.

    How do you guys use it?It works for soundtracks or compilations, It is used to organize the albums better. Its very handy.

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