Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • STAmisha
    01-22 03:07 PM
    Can anybody know how this company is?
    I got a very good project via these guys. How is their reputation in GC processing?

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  • uimv
    02-11 06:07 AM
    Please reply/share experience.

    What is minimum duration at which one must get paid at I-140 rate after GC? (after which rate can safely be lesser)

    Thank you.

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  • FinalGC
    11-03 11:58 AM
    I believe it should be okay.

    Make sure you get a copy of the advertisement and a copy of the link that it points to which has all the details. Make sure when you print it, it has the website link printed in the footer or header.

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  • reddymjm
    05-05 04:39 PM
    File another one with just the first condition.


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  • sam2006
    09-09 02:26 PM

    I had sent USCIS a color notarized copy from india and there was no issue:)

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-20 07:00 AM
    Immigration Law from Houston Immigration Lawyer - Annie Banerjee Has Just Posted the Following:

    In a letter to Senator Grassley, the CIS defended their H-1B adjudication practices and their everything under the kitchen sink Request for Evidences.

    The CIS is looking into revising the form I-129 to have Petitioner and beneficiary both attest that:

    The beneficiary has been advised of the offsite placement and accepts the terms of the H-IB employment, including the job location and possible relocation;

    Really? Does anyone working for the software industry not know that they have to work off site. These people are always traveling, the beneficiary KNOWS they have to work off site. Same with Oil Company Engineers. Its the nature of their work. Does CIS seriously think the beneficiary does not know?

    2. Placement of the beneficiary offsite during the period of employment will be in compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements of the H-IB nonimmigrant classification;
    3. The beneficiary will be paid the prevailing rate of pay at any offsite
    location; and,

    This is in line with the question on the I-94 application on the plane, "Are you a terrorist." Has anyone ever answered yes to that question? Similarly, will anyone filing an H-1B petition ever say they will not comply with the law?

    4. The work itinerary is attached.

    The H-1B is given for 3 years. It is difficult to predict the itinerary for all those 3 years. If the work itinerary is for less than 3 years, then the employer has to file the whole H-1B again, with the high fees. And even if they have the work itinerary, the job may be canceled, etc. So what is the point of private employers filing job itineraries with the Government?

    All of this simply penalizes the small employers who form the backbone of the American economy.

    Contact Houston Immigration Lawyer (, Annie Banerjee for more details

    More... (


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  • punjabi
    05-12 03:23 PM
    It is always recommended to renew both EAD and AP together, though you can chose to renew only AP.

    My guess is that 120 day rule applies to EAD only, and not AP.

    You can renew EAD after it has expired, but again it is recommended to at least send in the application BEFORE the expiry date.

    Good luck.

    I am having my EAD and AP and I am not using my EAD.

    EAD expires Sept 08
    AP expires Oct 08

    My question is

    Can I renew AP only ?
    If, I do not renew EAD will it be a problem in the future ?
    Can I renew it after EAD has expired ?

    Also, If I am renewing AP only, when does the 120 days rule come into picture.
    Is it with the AP date or EAD date.

    Your input will be appreciated.

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  • GCBy3000
    07-23 11:52 AM
    It is your marriage and your wife. No one has right to intevene in your personal matters. Do not think too much and if any one asks, just say it is my decision.


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  • qwerty2046
    03-26 04:27 PM
    I used my 485 EAD, which I received when I filed my 485 with my spouse. And now I want my employer to apply H-1B for me. I am wondering if I can apply change of status to H-1B within US or I have to apply H-1B petition, which requires me to get out of US and get the visa at some US consulate or embassy.

    I'd really appreciate any info.

    Thanks a lot.

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  • billu
    09-26 07:43 PM
    thanks a lot for your reply. It gives me great comfort knowing that I am not risking it all for an EB2 on which the attorney is only 50% hopeful


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  • kirupa
    09-08 01:04 PM
    Visual Studio 2005 is the IDE - an application that allows you to create other applications. Silverlight is a target runtime much like WinForms, WPF, etc. You can use VS 2005 - albeit a bit hackishly - to create projects that allow you to create outputs for all three.

    Based on your code, is this a application?

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  • desi3933
    01-21 09:21 AM
    I changed my employer after 9 months of filing 485 using AC21 a year ago and my new employer has reduced my workdays to 3 days a week starting this month. Can I get a second job for 2 days a week with same job description and salary etc ?

    The AC21 job must be same/similar along with permanent and full-time. Your labor should indicate hours/week for the job. Usually CIS considers job with > 35 hours per week as full time.

    Good Luck.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin


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  • alisa
    06-21 01:52 PM

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  • freddyCR
    January 11th, 2005, 02:21 PM
    What do you think?


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  • i99
    10-15 03:58 PM
    Probably double posting. I could not find by searching. Can someone please let me know? :o

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  • sunny1000
    02-26 12:11 AM
    If he has his Green Card and as long as it is not conditional (meaning a 2 year green card based on marriage), he should be able to apply for citizenship just like any other green card holder after satisfying all the citizenship requirements (listed in the link below):

    Good luck!


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  • pappu
    06-20 09:19 PM

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  • hiralal
    01-05 05:21 AM
    when situation is urgent - JUST GO !!!! - remember life is short and there is life beyond US too ..also --consult a lawyer ..don't rely on free advice ..most likely you should be o.k. but many out here are on EAD's and H1 rules keep changing.
    my feeling is if you still have valid job (even though you had some unpaid) should be o.k. . but lately there have been horror stories of harrasment in the end prepare for worst and hope for best

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  • ArkBird
    03-02 12:39 PM
    Put yourself in the USCIS officer's shoes and think how these 2 jobs are similar? The only similarity between both of them is these 2 jobs are in IT. That's it.


    08-05 12:28 PM
    I went to US on B1 and came back to india last week, I would like to apply H1 in the current year. Is there any cooling period to apply H1B once come back from US on B1 or Can I start the H1B process immediately.

    Your employer can start the H-1B process immediately, there is no need to wait.

    Steve Mitchell
    September 18th, 2004, 01:37 PM
    Obviously the final verdict will come down once the camera is in use, but I'm curious to know if the specs for Nikon's D2X meets the expectations of Nikon shooters.

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